Our specialty is STRATEGY AND EXECUTION. We can help you develop a strategy that opens doors for you with the decision makers that impact your business and your bottom line.

We have worked with clients on issues and services including:

Political Strategy and Government Relations – Local, State and Federal
Messaging and Communications
Organizational Development and Management
Media Relations
Crisis Communications
Crisis Management
Strategic Planning
Staff / Board Relations
Appropriation of Funds
Growth Management Issues
Health Care Consulting
In-house Business Morale and Teamwork Building
Liability Insurance Reform
Planning and Zoning
Workers' Compensation

Why should we seek outside help?

Organizational leaders must ask honest questions. Do we have the time, talent, and expertise to solve our problem? Do we have the contacts and resources to make a difference? Do we have the ability in-house to make things happen?

The market is dominated by those who define themselves better, communicate better, and execute better. Public affairs is a blend of strategy, communications, access and execution. We build your presence, raise your profile, sharpen your message, and improve your business environment.

At McClure Association Consultants we will take the time to understand the needs unique to your business in your market and develop a customized plan to help reach your target audience. Our approach to public affairs blends government affairs and public relations to build a better environment for your business and give your organization the advantage it needs.

What assets will McClure Association Consultants bring to my business?

McClure Association Consultants combines years of experience in government relations, public relations, and communications with the invaluable asset of long-standing relationships with key decision makers. Principal, Donald N. McClure Jr., is known throughout Pennsylvania as an effective strategist, public affairs expert, and persuasive communicator. Through a combination of our expertise and your vision, we can build a custom plan for your business or non-profit.

We will make adjustments and improvements along the way. There are no canned solutions with McClure Association Consultants. Let’s make things happen.

How is McClure Association Consultants different?

We won’t suggest solutions and then leave you to figure it out. Public affairs challenges are made up of interrelated parts and our objective is to build a long-term program that identifies your needs, crafts cohesive messages and delivers them. We blend community affairs, media relations and governmental appeals into an integrated package. We solve problems, prevent missteps, and build an environment in which your business or non-profit can thrive.

Why can’t we get our non-profit organization to move forward?

Non-profits have a lifecycle marked by growth and periodic stagnation. Their governance nature is collaborative rather than vertical. Decisions are made by consensus instead of a chain of command. This is a prescription for slow response or paralysis.

We understand this. A strong strategic plan is the key to creating a nimble and responsive organization. McClure Association Consultants guides non-profits toward defining goals, objectives, and responsibilities. McClure Association Consultants’ team will help your organization implement it. In addition to communications and advocacy, we can deploy our expertise in programming, financial management, membership services, and administration to keep the organization moving.

What Can We Do For You?

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